Special Care Homes (17) – Saskatoon Health Region

There are 17 Special Care Homes (Nursing Homes) within the boundaries of Saskatoon Health Region.

Access to all the Special Care Homes is through Client Patient Access Services (CPAS) which is responsible for the administration of the admission criteria.  CPAS works with the Special Care Homes to ensure that those with the greatest need are admitted to an appropriate accommodation in a timely manner.

Planned Respite Care

  • provides relief for the caregiver and reduced risk of family breakdown.
  • Bookings are through CPAS in advance of requested dates.
  • Cost – Contact your Client Care Coordinator for current rates.

Unplanned Respite Care

  • provides short term (up to 7 days) respite.
  • Appropriate if there is a sudden, unexpected change in the support system and the client requires 24-hour supervision (i.e., primary caregiver hospitalized or unexpectedly called out of town).
  • Cost – Contact your Client Care Coordinator for current rates. The client covers all costs for transportation to and from the facility and for medications.

Permanent Admission

  • may be appropriate for those people whose needs cannot be managed in the community.


  • Cost is provincially determined and adjusted quarterly according to increases in OAS/GIS/SIP. The monthly rate varies based on the client’s monthly income.

For further information contact Central Intake – Client Patient Access at (306) 655-4346.

Saskatoon Health Region Special Care Homes
Central Haven Special Care Home
1020 Avenue I North,
Saskatoon SK S7L 2H7
Phone: (306) 665-6180
Description: Central Haven Special Care Home provides supportive housing to persons with high health support needs.
Circle Drive Special Care Home
3055 Preston Avenue,
Saskatoon SK S7T 1C3
Phone: (306) 955-2211
Extendicare Special Care Home
2225 Preston Avenue,
Saskatoon SK S7J 2E7
Phone: (306) 374-2242
Description: Extendicare Special Care Home provides care to people who are unable to maintain their independence through community support or home care.
Lutheran Sunset Special Care Home
1212 Osler Street,
Saskatoon SK S7N 0T9
Oliver Lodge Special Care Home
1405 Faulkner Crescent
Saskatoon SK S7L 3R5
Phone: (306) 382-4111
Description: The Oliver Lodge Special Care Home provides long term care and community support programs to seniors with high health support needs in the range of level 3 and 4. The Lodge also offers specialized services for people living with dementia, both at the lodge and in the community, and programming to improve the health and quality of life of seniors
Parkridge Centre Special Care Home
110 Gropper Crescent,
Saskatoon SK S7M 5N9
Phone: (306) 655-3865

Description: Parkridge Centre provides special care for people ranging from age 6 to 95 years of age.  Since their opening in 1987, they have been considered one of the finest examples of barrier free-living for the physically challenged.

Porteous Lodge Special Care Home
833 Avenue P North,
Saskatoon SK S7L 2W5
Phone: (306) 382-2626 ext. 222
Description: Porteous Lodge Special Care Home houses 95 residents that provides nursing care, meal services, recreational programming and personal attention for residents.
Saskatoon Convalescent Special Care Home
101 – 31st Street West,
Saskatoon SK S7L 0P6
Phone: (306) 244-7155
Description: 60-bed long term care facility that special care home that provides an environment that promotes an optimal quality of life for the residents.
Sherbrooke Community Centre Special Care Home
401 Acadia Drive,
Saskatoon SK S7H 2E7
Sherbrooke Community Centre Special Care Home – Veteran’s Village
401 Acadia Drive,
Saskatoon SK S7H 2E7
Stensrud Lodge Special Care Home
2202 McEown Avenue,
Saskatoon SK S7J 3L6
St. Ann’s Special Care Home
2910 Louise Street,
Saskatoon SK S7J 3L8
Phone: (306) 374-8900

Description: St. Ann’s Senior Citizens Village has 80 long term care beds, 60 apartments of seniors housing, and 60 apartments of enriched housing for seniors. The Village provides long term care, supports independent living and independent housing for senior citizens.

St. Joseph’s Special Care Home
33 Valens Drive,
Saskatoon SK S7L 3S2
Sunnyside Special Care Home
2200 St. Henry Avenue,
Saskatoon SK S7M 0P5
Phone: (306) 653-1267

Description: The Sunnyside Adventist Care Center provides residents with high health support needs.