Rental Construction Incentive

The Rental Construction Incentive helps municipalities to develop new purposely-built rental housing provides municipalities with a provincial grant of up to $5,000 to match municipal grants or incentives to an owner for each eligible new rental unit constructed


  • To be eligible for the maximum grant, the municipality must provide an incentive of $5,000 per unit.
  • The municipality may provide that incentive either in the form of the equivalent of the municipal property tax for a period up to five years, or other equivalent (e.g. land), or an up-front incentive.
  • Purposely-built new rental unit construction (e.g. apartment, row, etc.) and nonresidential property conversion to rental units are eligible. Units started or under construction over the life of the program (2011-2015) are also eligible.
  • Buildings/projects that are receiving funding under other provincial government housing development programs are not eligible for this funding.


Other Details:
Municipalities offering incentives must register with Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (SHC) stating their intent and describing their program, including the type of incentive offered and the estimated number offered per year.

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Contact Information
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