Red Willow Centre

Part school, part cultural program and part animal therapy, the Red Willow Centre offers at-risk children with behavioural problems a unique opportunity to get back on track.  The centre is home for eight girls and eight boys from ages nine to 15.   Four of the 16 spots are reserved for children from northern Saskatchewan. The facility has 32 full-time social workers and 32 part-time workers to stabilize and assess each child.

The youth live in their own room with a single bed, but share a common room where they eat, do homework, watch TV and have group sessions in which they talk about their feelings and work out any problems that may arise in the group.  Weekly sweats and cleansing ceremonies allow the youth to talk about their feelings, hopes and wishes in a traditional sweat lodge located at the facility.

A method of stabilization unique to Red Willow is its equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP). Under the supervision of a licensed therapist and a horse professional, some of the children participate in ground activities with horses to help the kids work through behavioural and emotional problems.

The name Red Willow was chosen because the goal of the facility is to carefully mould the children the way a branch of a red willow would be moulded — with time, patience and understanding.

Contact Information
Phone: (306) 933-7345