CMHC Renovations Programs for Multi-Unit Projects

CMHC offers a variety of programs to help landlords of multi-unit housing with mandatory and emergency repairs, as well as assistance for home modifications for seniors or persons with disabilities.

Rental Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program — Rental RRAP
Financial assistance to pay for mandatory repairs to self-contained units occupied by low-income tenants.

Rooming House Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program — Rooming House RRAP
Financial assistance to pay for mandatory repairs to rooming houses occupied by low-income tenants. This program is available in both rural and urban areas.

Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program — Secondary/Garden Suite
Financial assistance for the creation of a Secondary or Garden Suite for a low-income senior or adult with a disability — making it possible for them to live independently in their community, close to family and friends.

Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program — RRAP for Conversions
Financial assistance for the creation of affordable housing for low-income households by the conversion of nonresidential properties into affordable, self-contained rental housing units or bed-units.

Shelter Enhancement Program (SEP)
Financial assistance to assist in the repair, rehabilitation and improvement of existing shelters, and to assist in the acquisition or construction of new shelters and second-stage housing for victims of family violence.