Supported Living

Housing for Seniors, Supported Living

SPL Directory of Senior’s Housing

This directory is intended to be a comprehensive directory of seniors’ housing in Saskatoon. It gives a general description of each residence, including contact information and a list of services offered. If the residence already has its own web page, we will simply link to that site. Descriptions of residences are compiled from information sent by the residences themselves. The Saskatoon […]

Housing for Seniors, Supported Living

Abbeyfield House – Saskatoon

The Abbeyfield House provides safe and affordable housing for ten independent seniors who choose to live in a family-style setting. Abbeyfield House offers companionship, security, personal space, independence and support for those seniors who do not wish to live alone. House coordinators prepare 2 meals per day and promote a caring and supportive environment. Abbeyfield Saskatoon welcomed its first resident […]

Housing for Seniors, Supported Living

Special Care Homes (17) – Saskatoon Health Region

There are 17 Special Care Homes (Nursing Homes) within the boundaries of Saskatoon Health Region. Access to all the Special Care Homes is through Client Patient Access Services (CPAS) which is responsible for the administration of the admission criteria.  CPAS works with the Special Care Homes to ensure that those with the greatest need are admitted to an appropriate accommodation […]

Housing for Detoxing / Addictions, Supported Living

Calder Centre

The Calder Centre assists individuals and families with recovery from chemical dependency. The Center offers a holistic, cross-cultural recovery program, provides a healthy environment conducive to meeting clients’ recovery needs, and delivers services in partnership with health districts, agencies, communities and consumers. (Calder Centre Pamphlet) Programs are based on a 4 week stay, but offer flexibility to abbreviate or extend […]

Housing for People with a Physical Disability, Housing for Person with Mental Health Problems, Supported Living

Elmwood Residences Inc.

Elmwood Residence in Saskatoon provides long term care for both physically and intellectually disabled persons. Elmwood Residences Inc., operates numerous small group home, one respite home, a 50-bed lodge, and a Supported Independent Living Program in Saskatoon. Contact Information 2012 Arlington Ave Saskatoon, SK S7J 2H5 Phone: (306) 374-5151 Fax: (306) 374-6248  

Housing for People with a Physical Disability, Supported Living

Cheshire Homes of Saskatoon

Cheshire Homes of Saskatoon is a non-profit charitable organization that provides an accessible comfortable home for young adults with physical disabilities that require personal support services. Cheshire Homes has four (4) houses on 4.4 acres of Cheshire Property.  They are John Owen House (House 1), Liberty House (House 2), Freedom House (House 3), and Independence House (House 4).  Care attendants […]

Housing for Person with Mental Health Problems, Supported Living

Saskatoon Housing Coalition

The Saskatoon Housing Coalition is a community organization that provides supportive housing to individuals living with chronic mental illnesses. The organization actively advocates for and provides safe, affordable and well-maintained housing units with support services to provide a means for independent living and improve the quality of life for clients living with chronic mental illnesses. The residential program consists of […]

Housing for Youth, Supported Living, Transitional Housing

Male Youth Lodge – Quint Development

Quint’s Male Youth Lodge provides transitional and emergency housing for young men. The Lodge offers safe, secure, housing for up to 10 young males between the ages of 16 and 22 years old. Whenever possible, the Lodge supports residents’ efforts with regard to education, training and employment and often works to link the male youth to education, training, and employment […]