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Innovative Residential

Innovative Residential is Saskatchewan’s most celebrated provider of affordable and entry level housing.  Building attractive communities with quality homes that are attainable to Saskatchewan families earning less than $70,000 per year, their homes are made affordable to home buyers through the unique financial assistance programs that we offer. Innovative Residential is committed to being a leading real estate developer in […]

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City of Saskatoon

It is with the generous support of The City of Saskatoon that SHIP is able to provide its consulting services and project development funding. The City of Saskatoon plays an important role in encouraging and facilitating the creation of housing in Saskatoon. While the City does not build housing, it administers a number of programs designed to assist housing providers […]

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Cress Housing Corporation

Cress Housing Corporation is dedicated to providing affordable and adequate housing for First Nations persons living in the City of Saskatoon. We nurture and support any and all other potential housing solutions geared towards addressing the critical housing shortage facing the urban First Nations community. Specific Services Available Rent geared to income housing provision for all sectors of the Urban […]