Housing for Immigrants

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Quint Developments – Affordable Rentals

Quint owns and manages a number of rental properties within the core neighbourhoods of Saskatoon (Riversdale, King George, Pleasant Hill, Caswell and Westmount). Properties include: Rental Apartments Paul Wilkinson Place (Avenue U South), Oskikamik (Avenue T South), and our newest on 522 Avenue J South. Our goal is to provide safe, affordable and quality rental suites. We operate the buildings […]

Affordable Rental, Housing for Immigrants, Housing for Seniors

Juniper Manor

Juniper Housing Corporation is a non-profit charitable corporation that operates affordable and integrated housing units for lower and middle-income immigrants and seniors aged 55 and older. Juniper Manor provides 19 studio units and 24 one bedroom units on four levels. In addition to living units, includes many amenities, including a library room and a large kitchen, sitting and dining area […]