Developer Financial Incentives

Developer Financial Incentives, Home Buyers Assistance, Home Owners Assistance, Landlords Assistance

Go Green – Government of Saskatchewan

The Government of Saskatchewan offers a number of programs to assist homeowners and residential users Go Green in their day-to-day lives. PST Exemption All ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances, furnaces, boilers, ground and air source heat pumps are exempt from PST? Your heating contractor or appliance retailer will not charge you PST on this equipment. Energy conservation is a key component […]

Developer Financial Incentives

Property Tax Abatement

The city of Saskatoon is providing 5-year abatement of the incremental increase in property taxes, for any affordable rental project that is provided on a non-profit basis. Housing providers must apply to the Planning and Development Branch for the above incentives. For more information, visit City of Saskatoon’s web page on Incentives for Builders & Developers  

Developer Financial Incentives

Vacant Lot & Adaptive Re-Use Incentive Program

The Vacant Lot & Adaptive Re-Use Incentive Program is designed to encourage development on existing vacant or brownfield sites, and the re-use of vacant buildings in established areas of the city, including the Downtown, by providing financial and/or tax based incentives to owners of eligible properties. Under the Vacant Lot & Adaptive Re-Use Incentive Program, a Maximum Incentive Amount will be equivalent […]

Developer Financial Incentives, Home Owners Assistance, Landlords Assistance

Permit Rebates for Secondary Suites

To encourage the creation of new and the legalizing of existing secondary suites, the City will rebate permit fees for building, plumbing, and a portion of the Legalizing an Existing Suite (LES) Occupancy fee for completed secondary suites. If home owners have  a spare room, City also encourage you to consider taking in a student as a boarder. Homeowners who wish […]