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Dev Capital - Ownership

Affordable Housing – 10% Cash Grant

Eligible affordable housing projects qualify for funding assistance in the form of a cash grant of up to 10% of the total project costs from the City of Saskatoon. The City will consider project proposals for support in principle. Please provide as much information as possible at the time of your application, using attachments where necessary. Letters of support from […]

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Affordable Housing Reserve

The City’s housing activities are funded by the Affordable Housing Reserve, formerly known as the Social Housing Reserve. This reserve is unique in Canada in that it receives on-going funding from a dedicated source, and is therefo re much like a Housing Trust. Reserve History The Reserve was initially set up to provide a 5% municipal contribution to Federal- and […]

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Headstart on a Home – Entry Level Housing Project Financing

Secured loans to finance the construction cost of entry-level housing units are available through this program.  There is no requirement of upfront presale of housing units, and loans to Developers/Builders subject to an annual 4% fixed rate of interest. HeadStart on a Home (HeadStart) is the largest economic program announced by the Government of Saskatchewan in the last decade to […]