Housing for Aboriginals

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Quint Developments – Affordable Rentals

Quint owns and manages a number of rental properties within the core neighbourhoods of Saskatoon (Riversdale, King George, Pleasant Hill, Caswell and Westmount). Properties include: Rental Apartments Paul Wilkinson Place (Avenue U South), Oskikamik (Avenue T South), and our newest on 522 Avenue J South. Our goal is to provide safe, affordable and quality rental suites. We operate the buildings […]

Affordable Rental, Housing for Aboriginals, SHIPs Members

Central Urban Métis Federation Incorporated (CUMFI)

CUMFI is a community-based Métis owned and operated non-profit charitable organization. CUMFI strives to improve social and economic conditions for the Métis and works to improve the quality and standards of life for Métis both young and old. Objectives: Increase housing stock by 24 units to a maximum of 75 Secure multi-year funding for Infinity House To develop daycare services […]

Affordable Rental, Housing for Aboriginals, Housing for Families, Housing for Seniors, Rent Geared to Income Housing

SaskNative Rentals Inc.

SaskNative Rentals places a particular emphasis and priority upon assisting those individuals and families of Aboriginal ancestry.  The organization provides bachelor suites, two and three-bedroom suites, duplexes, seniors housing, accessible housing for people with physical disabilities, and housing for the homeless in Saskatoon. SaskNative Rentals Inc., is a Métis managed non-profit corporation committed to providing, maintaining, and sustaining affordable, safe, […]

Housing for Aboriginals, Housing for Families, Housing for Seniors, Rent Geared to Income Housing, SHIPs Members

Cress Housing Corporation

Cress Housing Corporation is dedicated to providing affordable and adequate housing for First Nations persons living in the City of Saskatoon. We nurture and support any and all other potential housing solutions geared towards addressing the critical housing shortage facing the urban First Nations community. Specific Services Available Rent geared to income housing provision for all sectors of the Urban […]

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CUMFI – McLeod House

The McLeod House provides 16 units in the form of transitional housing for men in addictions recovery and offers support services and programming for men post-treatment and recovery. The McLeod House is a partnership between (Central Urban Métis Federation Incorporated (CUMFI)) and the Saskatoon Health Region – Mental Health & Addiction Service. Phone: (306) 665-0425 Website

Housing for Aboriginals, Housing for Women, Transitional Housing

CUMFI – Infinity House

The Central Urban Metis Federation Inc. (CUMFI) Infinity House is a supportive housing facility that provides Aboriginal women and their children who are at risk of becoming homeless with a safe haven that protects them from having to endure an unsafe living environment.  Developed through CUMFI’s Métis Community Homelessness Initiative, the Infinity House is dedicated to providing long term and […]